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What I am all about.

I'm Jorge Arredondo. I love to see how technology, whether is a simple transatlantic Video-Chat with your partner, thinking about Electric Self-Driving Cars or just a simple micro piece of hardware inserted into your body, can make us tremendously productive. It is the Mystery of where and how the technology is guiding us that Indeed Fascinates Me!.

Besides fascination, I have an odd attachment to learn and share my knowledge within the ecosystem I belong to, "helping others" can even be my favorite social tool to break the ice among the TeamWork I have around. I think the Internet helped us little by little to create a flat world since late 1990's till now. I mean, globalize one and only one ecosystem with the same likes, with the same taste, with the same all in one powerful learning source (The World Wide Web). Therefore, I think data is clearly the new oil and has to be treated, absorbed and digested properly.

Well, well... After I described my personal opinion and the love I have towards technology and the importance of Data in a nutshell, I will talk a bit about my Professional Background.

So far I have over 15+ years of overall Networking experience working on Enterprise/Data IP Core and Data Center Technologies of different Industries such as ISP services, Manufacturer services, Health Care services and Banking Finances services. I could say that improving my personal leadership, constant IT development & pushing myself to rotate in different Industries, has been the most powerful troubleshooting life toolkit I've ever applied in my career. Is interesting to see and understand how different business and Industries align their IT department and Networking needs based on their specific dependencies and necessities. In the end, IT (Data IP) is going to be the backbone in any Industry Business Model. I want to clarify that working in one Industry forever can also be such an amazing experience getting an exceptional learning curve. Perspectives may differ I guess.

Gracefully changing the Subject to talk about Networking, the truth is that lately the Software Defined Networking solutions, the high demanding of a healthy L2/L3 loop-free underlay and amazing Networking transport Overlays trends out there just turned me crazy! In a good way. I mean, I have been falling in love with the "new" decoupled Control Plane, Northbound, Southbound, East, West stuff and the coolest flexibility with the application layer (Software) making the Networking behave quite unimaginable and scalable adding cool features such as Analytics, flexibility, less complexity, Automation for the Operation and Day by Day Work! etc good and new NetOps approach in general!. I think SDN, SDDC for enterprises, NFV for Service Providers, Network Automation, Network Programability, Public-Private Cloud flexibility, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc, will be the main key differentiator for any service Industry in the upcoming decade and believe it or not, as an IT Engineer, you are going to find joy operating, implementing, configuring, designing, deploying and programming all that new things (just Pythonize it)!.

Speaking about my professional background, I have been putting quite some time gathering valuable info experience to set up properly my own metrics and my professional KPIs. I fragmented down below and summarized my top 6 IT KPIs measured since the experience I got in early 2006 until the current year 2022. FYI, my highest 98% comes from my justified CCIE Routing Switching on Enterprise and Data Center Architectures, my 15+years of experience moving all the way down to centralized Control Plane SDx SDDC design, Multicloud, DevOps NetOps Python experience, ITIL, ITSM Frameworks and other Interesting IT KPIs I absorbed on the way...

CCIE R&S for Enterprise and Data Center needs (tshooting, Design, Consulting & Architectures)99%
SDx, SDWAN, VMware NSX, SDDC (L2/L3Underlay Overlay Design & Arquitectures) 90%
Cloud Services AWS | Azure | L2/L3 MP-BGP Express Route + Direct Connect 85%
Automation + RESTCONF / NETCONF Python Network Programmability65%
LINUX for Network DevOps / Network Services + Sysadmin Requirements 75%
Documentation / Customer Obsession & Governance Frameworks (ITIL/COBIT) 99%

Some Projects

Ironman would be jealous.

Devnet DevOps NetOps IT Linux e-learning Academy is a Learning site that will help you to understand, feel familiar and master each of one of all the "Software Developer Network (DevNet) tools" out there. Whether you start from scratch (very zero knowledge), Intermediate or Expert DevNet, this Website is for you.

Whether you are learning from scratch or just want to fill up some Automation Networking knowledge gaps, this Channel will be perfect to you so check it out!

Networking IT BLOG | News & HOW TOs Tutorials is my Networking IT blog where I post about IT Tutorials mostly. IT News and updates sometimes. Technology is going super fast, therefore, news have to be posted super fast too!.

Generating Google Adwords. Sometimes I share some personal thoughts and use other languages for a specific market target such as Spanish / LATAM public market.

Professional Photography, Drone Racing Photography and Personalized Footage Marketing needs provide Professional e-Marketing, Drone Photography and Photographic Services. Our customers are commonly located in the US West Coast, Central and SouthAmerica. Available for US National and International Assignments.


My Philosophy of...

Because "Why" matters.

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My Philosophy of Life

"If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it."

I think it is an unquestionable law of nature trying to understand how comes you are where you are right now. "Your current status in life" label for the sake of this philosophy explanation. Have you ever wondered how infinite the diversity and possibilities in your life path may occur?

Hmmm, I think each person is where they want to be, who they want to be with, how they want to be, because they have decided so. Whether they admit that or not but most important...

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My Philosophy about Family

"Blood makes you related, Love makes you family."

The family is not just a typical thing we can describe as very important, it is everything. It is that one and the only thing we cannot replace and cannot acquire. If you are feeling like you have nothing else, having a family around you means you still have something. And most days, that is enough.

There are moments in life when there is a distance between us and our loved ones, but the truth is that they always travel with us, wherever we go. Our family and friends are a part of our own being and identity...

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My Philosophy about Money

"When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money."

I have been thinking about winning the lottery but unfortunately this wont leave my feelings contented for the rest of my life. We live in a world which is revolved around the use of money. We use it to buy our home, to pay for tuition, to travel, to communicate using our mobile phones, to buy a car, and for millions of different things. But, what about my philosophy about money?. I think Money...

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My Philosophy about Choices

"Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without."

I wont talk about Choices before talking about Free will.I do not believe in Free Will basically because since the beginning of your life, you didn't come with the capabilities to make choices. You do not have the power (knowledge) to make choices simply because you are a baby with such a naive and fragile consciousness or even none. Since early days, choices are driven for the people around you with more power on you, such as your parents. They own you in some indescribable lovely way until...

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My Philosophy about Education

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."

Humans are social beings. By nature, we are social animals. Since the very beggining of my education when I started to deal with my new classmates, I created this believe of you having the power of your own choises. From the beginning I have always believed the fact that each person is where they want to be, who they want to be with, how they want to be, because they have decided so, whether they admit that or not...

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